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Aeronautical Industry

Be it a commercial plane carrying hundreds of passengers or a private jet meant to enjoy personal family time in the clouds, airplanes are to be built with the utmost precision. The engine, the outer body, the computer controlled machinery in the cockpit should be manufactured quickly and precisely. It should be done in a manner that not just guarantees high performance but safety as well. CNC Turning Machines find extensive application in the aeronautical industry.

Some of which are to build a barely visible piece within the engine that leads to increased fuel efficiency, a computer chip just a few micrometer long and a micron thick fitted inside a radar that helps the airplane make its way across the accumulation of dark clouds and reach the destination safe and sound. In the wake of increasing failures in air traffic control management and unfortunate accidents; airplane companies are adhering to strict security measures. Which is why the demand for high precision engineering in the aeronautical market is soaring. CNC Turning Machines can deliver this high precision.

Medical Industry

If there is any profession where there is no margin for error, it is healthcare. Consider a patient undergoing bypass surgery, which requires cutting open minute capillaries and suture the same at the end. A small rupture, a few micrometers to the left or the right of the exact location, can prove to be fatal. This requires medical instruments that are precise and operate exactly where required. Sophisticated CNC Turning Machines are no less than a boon to the medical industry as they help achieve this purpose. Lately, the investment in machine tools for the healthcare industry is on a rapid rise. To achieve precision in surgical procedures, the industry is moving towards employing Nano Robots. Jaewoo will be the first company in India to facilitate the use of Nano Robots in medical surgeries.

Oil & Energy

The Oil & Energy sector forms the core of all human activities. We need energy to switch on the lights and explore the beauty of nature, for commuting great distances in the comfort of expensive sedans, and for running industries at their optimum levels. But unfortunately, finding Oil & Energy reserves is a painstaking process.

Moreover, if the machines employed to dig the ground to the point where the fuel is expected to be found, are not precise, there is a huge loss of investment. Thus, components like drill collars, hang off collars, packers and connectors require an in-built CNC Turning Machines that can guide it to seep down the soft granite rocks on land and the tough basalt rocks in the ocean, to the optimum level and take control of the oil and natural gas rich reserves. Natural Gas consumption is forecasted to increase at a CAGR of 4.31 per cent to 143.08 million tons by 2040 from 54.20 million tons in 2017, which means that the need of CNC Turning Machines is also going to rise exponentially.

Automotive Industry

There is no other field where CNC Turning Machines could be used for more creative purposes than in automobiles. Whether you are planning to buy a decent mid-size car for comfortable family trips, an expensive SUV, with the best off-road capability, or a high horsepower sports car, to zoom at the speed of light, you require the best automotive parts.

CNC Turning Machines ensure the highest level of accuracy by using G-codes and M-codes for cutting, drilling and other manufacturing processes. Due to their immense contribution in manufacturing mechanical parts of exact dimensions, the automotive industry is growing by 9.84% year-on-year.

Fitting & Sensor Industry

Sensors are parts of machines that are used to collect various environment related information such as temperature (T), pressure(P), flow, position, proximity, etc., but when integrated with CNC Turning Machines, they can control the machine body as well. With the help of a GPRS enabled gateway, they can store important data on a server, locally or cloud based such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

Imagine a group of scientists carrying out an experiment that is highly susceptible to temperature and pressure variations. A slight increase or decrease in these values can prove to be detrimental. Thus, sensors installed with CNC Turning Machines can maneuver the T&P controller across the lab and give real time readings. As soon as a variation is encountered, proper steps can be taken to ensure that the temperature and pressure levels are kept at the optimum level; to ensure that the results aren’t affected. At present, the real cutting period is about 50%-60% for most of the machine tools but seeing the advantage of CNC Turning Machines in sensors industry, its use will slowly and steadily increase.

Defense Industry

Although India has the third largest armed forces in the world, only 40% of its defense requirements are filled internally. The rest are imported. This provides a great business opportunity for defense manufacturing companies within the country to expand their operations. These companies have realized that they need to incorporate the latest technology in weapon making along with keeping the costs as low as possible. This calls for the introduction of high-end CNC Turning Machines that guarantees such kind of sophistication.

CNC Turning Machines will bring out the hidden strength of Indian design, manufacturing and innovation to compete with global brands. Defense manufacturing companies, such as DRDO and ISRO, have already started filling their inventories with high end CNC Turning Machines to take advantage of this opportunity. In 2018, the defense budget of India was $54 billion, an increase of 7.7% over the previous year. This means that the use of CNC Turning Machines is going to significantly increase in the near future.

Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is one area that probably can benefit the most from development in technology. With better tractors, potato planters, air seeders, precision drills, transplanters, fertilizer spreaders, manure spreaders, pesticide sprayers, and harvesters at our helm, we can take care of the ever-growing population of the country with ease. This is where CNC Turning Machines play a critical role.

CNC Turning Machines can be used to manufacture parts and machinery for agricultural manufacturers, both large and small, with high precision, low maintenance, and a long lifetime that will significantly increase their productivity and reduce human dependence. Owing to massive growth of the agriculture sector in India, the agricultural machinery market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% during the period from 2018-2023 i.e. from Rs. 857 billion in 2017 to Rs. 1,245 billion in 2023.

Railway Industry

With more than 20,000 passenger trains running daily, on both long distance and suburban routes, Indian Railway network manages the fourth largest rail network in the world by size. The railway network in India extends to a length of 67,368 kilometre, which is why precision is the most demanded factor of the industry. The design, functioning, operations, etc. need to be met with a detailed eye. It is mandatory to adhere to minute details and skillfully craft the machinery that delivers smooth performance and efficiency of the engine.

An average of 20 million people travel everyday by the rail routes. Safety and security of these people is counted upon the motor engine. A slight miss in the size or shape, may lead to a larger hapless situation. CNC machines help in acquiring the required specifications. It does not miss details and gives out precise engineering.

CNC machines help in designing and processing of the required equipment, in a way erthat will ultimately able the machine to function smoothly. With CNC machines it is possible to maintain the precision that is required and thus, the safety and security of people travelling by trains is assured.

General Machinery

On an average, 86 million parts and tools are manufactured all around the world in a day. These range from the smallest and the simplest designs, to a larger and more complicated structured tools. The engineering industry is heavily relied on the factors such as faster output generation, low energy consumption, expenditure savings and more importantly towards delivering higher precision equipment.

At present, machine processing has taken over manual human processing. Computerized algorithms have it simpler for industries to deliver nearly accurate deliverables, in time. It is the need of the time, to go hand in hand with the technological advancement. CNC machines have changed the way industrial equipment are designed and processed. With CNC machines, it is now possible to achieve highest precision with lower expenditure. CNC machines can process the smallest tools, while it can be also used for the processing and designing of larger equipment.From a small screw that is used in the household to a machinery clip that is used in the industrial machinery, nothing lies in between that cannot be processed by a CNC machine.