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Arv 700pc

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ARV 700pc

The ARV 700PC is an advanced CNC Vertical Machining Centre made for delivering high output with low maintenance costs. It is a 3 axes machine that gives consistent performance. It is best suited for fabricating machine components that require a high degree of precision.

It comes with a versatile set of 20 tools ATC and a BT-40 spindle taper. The fast auto tool-changer of this CNC Turning Machine reduces the idle time and thus increasing production. The 10000 RPM customized spindle gives a higher metal removal rate. Fanuc 0iMF + CNC Turning Machine Controller in the ARV 700PC ensures a better performance of the machine under all conditions.

This high powered device is perfect for cutting hard metals and metal alloys. Its faster chip removal rate and superior coolant delivery systems makes it ideal for difficult jobs that require high levels of accuracy. Its twin pallet changer (Servo, optional) increases the productivity of the machine making it optimal for cutting steel, cast Iron and Aluminium. The machine is perfect for the automobile industry and the aerospace industry. It can also be used to manufacture intricate parts used in certain home appliances and orthopedic implants. This CNC milling machine will lend technical superiority to your workshop through its highly accurate milling, boring and drilling actions.


  • Cutter Dia 80 mm
  • Cutting Speed 250 M/min
  • Spindle speed 1000 RPM
  • Feed 0.2 mm/tooth/rev
  • No of inserts: 5
  • Feed:1000 mm/Min
  • Material EN8
  • Material Removal Rate: 150 CC/Min
  • Material C.I
  • Material Removal Rate: 225 CC/Min
  • Type of drill: U- Drill
  • Material: EN8
  • Drilling capacity: 25 mm
  • Type of Tap: Coated Tap
  • Cutting Speed; 10 M/min
  • Material: EN8
  • Drilling capacity: M20x1.5
  • Linear Motion Roller Guide ways for X,Y and Z-axis
  • Hardened and ground C3 class accuracy ball screws
  • Direct coupled servomotors to the ball screws.
  • High performance digital motors for spindle and axes
  • Heavy Duty cast structures
  • Absolute encoders for all the Axes.
  • Fast cam driven Electro-mechanical Auto Tool Changer
  • Fanuc Oi MF CNC Turning Machine System
  • Machine Guard with efficient coolant and chip flow
  • Electronic Counter balance
  • Spindle taper Air Blow
  • MPG
  • Levelling pads
  • Centralized Lubrication system
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Coolant System
  • TPM Friendly Machines
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Higher RPM Spindle
  • Coolant Thru Spindle
  • Coolant gun
  • Spindle mounted probe
  • Table mounted probe
  • Electronic edge finder
  • 4th axis option NC Rotary table
  • 4th and 5th axes NC Rotary cum tilting table
  • Coolant filtration system
  • Panel AC for electrical Panel
  • Oil skimmer for coolant