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Art 300s

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ART 300s

ART 200 is a linear CNC Turning Machine that guarantees high precision and efficiency. Its compact design makes it a handy machine that is easy to install and work with. This industry essential never fails to register its technical superiority by cutting metals exactly as per dimensions specified by the user. It has 3 to 6 linear tools with a customized spindle speed that shapes metal parts with the utmost precision. The user interface of the control panel focuses on anticipating what actions users might need to take. It does this by ensuring elements that are easy to understand, access, and facilitate the actions. ART 200 has been specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of Indian industries in particular with focus on low maintenance and working cost. It has a positional accuracy of ± 0.007 mm. This helps its axes to follow the commanded end points under load with the utmost precision.

These machines are well suited for mass production. It is especially useful in the fabrication of parts used in scooters, motorbikes, cars, home appliances and more. The machine is extremely profitable for SMEs.

  • CNC Turning Machine System Fanuc 0i-TF
  • Collect Chuck
  • Extra High Power Spindle Motors
  • Part Catcher
  • Tooled up Solution
  • Extra Large Bore Spindle
  • Auto Door
  • Four Jaws Power Chuck
  • Chip Conveyor
  • 12 Station Tool Disc
  • High Pressure Coolant Pump
  • Hard Jaw Set
  • L Type Jaw Set
  • Panel AC
  • Servo Bar Feader
  • Hydraulic Bar Feader
  • Hydraulic Steady Rest
  • 250 mm Chuck Optional
  • Bar Puller
  • Live Quill
  • Customization