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Art 200s

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ART 200s

ART 200S is an advanced variant of the ART 200 machine. It is a linear CNC Turning Machine like its predecessor. ART 200s is another example of high precision engineering delivered in a compact, sturdy frame. This CNC Turning Machine has been designed taking into consideration the severe space constraints that workshops in India face.

Its 200 mm chuck is larger than the one used in ART 200. This allows ART 200s to make larger parts in comparison to its predecessor. It comes with 3 to 5 high quality cutting tools and a customized spindle which works at the desired speed. This dual axes machine give a + 0.007 mm position accuracy and +- 0.003 mm repeat accuracy. This allows the axes to follow the command end points underload with utmost precision and consistency.

The ART 200s is the perfect CNC Turning Machine to mass produce small sized components, for the automobile industry, home and personal appliances and more. This machine was created to reduce the working costs and increase profits manifold. The ART 200s is an absolute must have for your workshop and fabrication unit.

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  • Gang Tooling
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Collet Chuck
  • Extra High Power Spindle Motors
  • Bar Feeder
  • Part Catcher
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